ABCi English workshops at our school

After short ABCi workshops last spring this year’s third classes decided to book an ABCi project with native speakers for a whole week. 50 students of year three were looking forward to being trained by native speakers from England, Ireland and the USA. But also the 1st and 2nd classes had short workshops which the kids enjoyed a lot. 4a had a short training in American Football with Josh from Texas.

The topics of the workshop were travelling, health, fashion and fitness. The pupils learned how to keep fit and healthy through interactive games. They found out lots of interesting facts about many different countries. The pupils could improve all their English language skills a lot by listening to many various accents. Switching from British or Irish English to American English was no problem at all as all the teaching was combined with action, songs and fun activities. There was an absolute no go: speaking German was strictly forbidden. After so much intensive input many of the kids even kept speaking English at home. The whole workshop exceeded our expectations by far.

As they had practiced a lot of acting the pupils finally invited the head teacher, their parents, staff, peer classes and local authorities to a public performance in the gym. The audience was impressed by the progress the students had made during the week. We want to thank Toby Wall and his team for the brilliant organization and for the positive feedback they gave our students.

Some of our kids’ impressions:

Viktoria: I liked it that we spoke English all the time.

Hannah: I liked everything and I wouldn’t change anything.

Kevin: It was one of the best weeks this school year. The games were great fun.

Sascha: It was easier to learn English for me because we played games in each lesson.

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