Willkommen im Dschungel

Kennen Sie den Grazer Urwald? Die SchülerInnen unserer 2. Klassen können diese Frage mit einem eindeutigen Ja beantworten, denn sie haben Anfang Mai im Rahmen des Insektenaktionstages der österreichischen Naturschutzjugend (ÖNJ) dieses Naturjuwel in Messendorf bei Graz besucht. 

An einem abwechslungsreichen Vormittag konnten unsere naturinteressierten ForscherInnen die Flora und Fauna im Urwald mit (fast) allen Sinnen kennen lernen und genießen.

Johanna's uniform for girls
Johanna's uniform for boys
Mandy's uniforms
Antonio's uniforms
Design Competition

Students of the 1st grade design school uniforms for the MS Premstätten

When we, the students of the 1st grade, started talking about the unit on clothes our English teachers Mrs. Barry and Mrs. Marong wanted us to get creative and started a design competition with us. Our task was to design a school uniform for our school. So we invented MS Premstätten school uniforms by ourselves and drew our designs on a sheet of paper. We came up with a uniform for girls and one uniform for boys. Then we labeled all parts of the uniform in English and described them in a short text.

Since it was a competition, we could also win a prize. First, the best three designers were nominated by our teachers. Luckily Mr. Gangl, who owns a shop close to our school, sponsored some prizes for the winners. On Friday April 22nd a voucher and Helbling readers were handed to us. 

Not only are we very happy about the prizes we won, we are also very proud of our creative work. Many of us came up with really fancy and cool outfits, which we could imagine having as a uniform at our school. So take your time and see our creative designs. Below you can find the three nominated uniforms and texts. 

1. Place: Johnna Scheucher 1d

The girls of the school MS Premstätten wear a short dress. On it is the emblem of Premstätten. The boys also wear this with shorts. The uniform includes a yellow tie with black stripes. Under the dress the girls wear a white T-shirt. The boys have to wear shorts, also in winter. The girls wear long stockings. One is orange and one is green. The boys only wear very short socks. They are green. The girls always have to wear a green, yellow and orange stich. Everyday boys and girls wear two green bracelets. One on the left hand and one on the right hand. Both wear blue shoes. That’s the school uniform of the MS Premstätten.

2. Place: Mandy Neuhold 1a

My school uniforms for girls consists of a grey blouse, a black jacket and a blue skirt. It also consists of a blue, red and grey tie, a pair of grey shoes and a blue mask with a picture on them. My school uniform for boys consists of a black jacket, too, a grey shirt and blue jeans. It also consists of a green mask, a green, red and grey tie and grey trainers. And both have a brooch.

3. Place: Antonio Pejic 1c

Boys: My Ms Premstätten uniform for boys consists of a green college jacket with a white T-shirt under it. The uniform also has got a black belt and blue jeans with holes in them. The last thing that the boys wear are a black and grey pair of trainers.

Girls: My Ms Premstätten uniform for the girls consists of a purple and blue college jacket white blouse under it. The uniform also has got a white belt and a black skirt. The last thing that the girls wear are black and white trainers.